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By now, you’ve realized that a key component of PickChamps is the fantasy points offer. Much of the skill of the game is based on finding a high value offer and deciding how many points you want to put against it.

To refresh your memory, for each Pick you make, you’ll receive a fantasy points offer based on the likelihood of it happening. The riskier the Pick, the higher the offer, and the higher the offer, the greater the returns will be if you win the Pick.

Fantasy points offers for athletes will change on a weekly basis, based on their stats from the previous games, as well as a larger sample of data.

As a general rule of thumb, an offer of 2.0 is a likelihood of 50/50, or a 50% chance of that outcome actually occurring. For every single fantasy point you put on a 2.0 offer, you have the opportunity to receive double points back.

It’s up to you to decide how safe or how risky you want to play.

Let’s look at Aaron Rodgers, one of the best QB’s in the NFL. It’s fairly safe to assume that he’ll routinely throw for over 200 yards per game, and consistently approach 300 yards. Therefore, the fantasy points offer will be quite low if you start at 200 yards. However, as you increase his yardage amount, the chances of that happening diminish, creating a larger offer.

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Let’s say you have 10 fantasy points left to allocate to one Pick. If you prefer to be conservative, then you may intentionally choose a lower yardage stat, and in turn, select a lower offer.

In this example, if you select that Rodgers will throw for at least 200 yards, you’ll receive an offer of 1.40 points. You put your 10 points on it and lock it in. If he achieves that stat, you’ll receive 14 points. In other words, you turned your 10 points into 14 points and pushed yourself up the leaderboard!

However, if you think that Rodgers will throw for at least 300 yards, the offer is going to be higher, as the outcome is not as likely. You might receive an offer of 2.11, meaning that you’ll get 21.1 points in return for a correct Pick, as opposed to the 14 you would have gotten for at least 200 yards.


Now suppose you want to take an even bigger risk and predict that Rodgers will throw for at least 400 yards. Now we’re talking! In this instance, an offer of 3.33 is generated and you put your 10 points against it. If he carves up the defense and throws for over 400, you’ll score 33.3 points. That’ll help you climb the leaderboard!


PickChamps is all about risk and reward. Play it safe with the sure things, live on the edge with risky Picks, or go with a mixture of both! The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to do your research and use your knowledge to find the best matchups that will give you the best offers…and the best chance to win!

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