Different Types of Picks

One of the many features that sets PickChamps apart from other Daily Fantasy Sports products is the ability to customize and build your own Picks. There are three different types of stat Picks within the same Contest: (1) single-athlete statistic Picks, (2) combined-athlete statistic Picks, and (3) head-to-head Picks. You don’t have to use all three types, but you’re welcome to if you’d like. There are limitless combinations, so let’s take a look at three types of Picks that make up a Contest.

Single-Athlete Statistic Pick

These are the most straightforward Picks, each revolving around a single athlete and a single stat. You simply choose one athlete and predict whether or not he will achieve a specific statistical performance in his game. You choose the stat!

Examples of single-athlete statistic Picks include:

  • Tom Brady will throw for at least 300 yards
  • Marshawn Lynch will rush for at most 2 TDs
  • LeBron James will score at least 30 points Single Athlete Stat Pick


Combined-Athlete Statistic Pick

These are similar to single-athlete Picks, but you predict the combined performances of two athletes against a single statistic. Once again, you choose the stat.

For example:

  • Tom Brady and Peyton Manning combined will throw at least 5 TD passes
  • Marshawn Lynch and Jeremy Hill will rush for at most 180 yards combined
  • LeBron James and Steph Curry combined will score 60 or more points in their respective games

Combined Athlete Stat Pick

Note that the athletes do not need to be playing within the same game to be chosen for a combined-athlete statistic Pick. However, they do need to be playing within the same Contest. Feel free to choose teammates, rivals, MVP candidates, or All-Pro’s.

Head-to-Head Pick

Can’t bear the thought of teaming up your favorite athlete with a rival? Then match them up in a head-to-head Pick! Simply choose two athletes and set them up against one another in the stat of your choice.

Examples of a head-to-head Pick include:

  • Tom Brady will pass for more yards than Peyton Manning
  • LeSean McCoy will have more rush yards than Marshawn Lynch
  • LeBron James will dish out more assists than Steph Curry

Head To Head Pick

Again, athletes do not actually need to be playing within the same game to be chosen for a head-to-head Pick. Face off against your team’s rival QB every single week, if you’d like. Match up MVP candidates in the NBA on a nightly basis to see who comes out on top each night.

It’s as easy as that to play PickChamps! You’re in complete control of how you want to play by making single-athlete, combined, or head-to-head Picks. Choose one type, or mix it up with two or all three. The choice is yours!

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