Be Eligible

We want you to enjoy playing PickChamps—that’s why we created it! Everyone here is rooting for you to have fun, show off your sports knowledge, and win cash.

That said, there are a few rules we all have to follow, and one of those is making sure you select at least three Picks from three different games. If you don’t meet these minimums, your entry will (unfortunately) be ruled ineligible. Of course, you can make more than three Picks!

Imagine this: you Pick Julio Jones for 3 TDs and Matt Ryan for at least 300 yards, and both deliver. You’re looking forward to some big points, but instead you receive a notification that your points were refunded. What happened? You only made Picks from the Falcons game, so your entry is deemed ineligible per Contest rules. All that work for nothing!

So how do you tell if you’re eligible? It’s easy! We offer a few different ways throughout each Contest to tell whether or not your entry has met the minimum requirements.

First off, when you check out a Contest in the lobby, you’ll receive that Contest’s information in a pop up box. Before entering, take a look at the minimum amount of Picks you need to make and from how many games. Also be sure to take note of other Contest details including cost of entry, starting time, and Contest type and length.

Image 1Once you enter the Contest, there is a graphic in the upper right of the screen that lets you know how your entry is tracking towards eligibility.


Once you’ve reached the minimum requirements, you’ll receive a big green check mark that’s hard to miss. Before you win some green, your entry needs to be green!

EligibleAlso, when you’re checking your Picks in the “My Picks” section, there is a chart on the far left of the screen that shows if you are eligible or ineligible.

Eligble_LowerLastly, when using our mobile app, we’ll tell you if you’re eligible with a simple “yes” or “no”.

That’s all there is to it. You just need to make three Picks from three different games to ensure that you’re eligible to bring home the cash!

4 years ago
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