Live Pick vs. Pre Pick

While surfing the PickChamps Lobby, you may have noticed that some Contests are “Pre-Pick”, while others are “Live-Pick.” The different Contest formats may appeal more to some players based on preference. If you want to set your Picks before the first game begins, a “Pre-Pick” Contest is for you. If you’d like to make a few Picks now, and then a few during the Contest, “Live-Pick” is the way to go.

What’s the difference?

Pre-Pick contests (marked with a P icon in the Lobby) are ones that lock (or close) when the first game begins. You are required to use your allocated points to make Picks before the Contest starts. Once it begins, there is no ability to revise or create new Picks. This means you simply track the performance of all your Picks over the Contest period and then review your final accumulated score when the games have completed.

For example, if there are football games at 1pm and 4pm, all of your Picks need to be made and locked prior to the 1pm games.


Live-Pick Contests are ones where you can make your Picks right up until the start of the last game. It requires you to adopt a more measured and calculated Pick strategy to compete effectively. You can make all of your Picks up front, or make a few now and save a few for later. As long as an athlete’s game has yet to start, you can make a Pick around him. Live-Pick also incorporates a “rolling balance” score which means as you accumulate fantasy points you have more to allocate to future Picks, and vice versa.

For example, you may decide to make three Picks prior to the 1pm football games, then make two more just before the start of the 4pm games. This is perfectly fine, and allows you to factor in your previous Picks to help you determine if you should be more aggressive, or play it on the safer side. It’s important to note that you may not choose an athlete after his game has already started. Therefore, if the Patriots are playing at 1pm and the Broncos are playing at 4pm, you are free to make a Pick around Peyton Manning up until 4pm, but not Tom Brady.

You may enter Live-Pick Contests at any point in time (even after the Contest has started) as long as there are enough games remaining to meet the minimum games threshold outlined within the Contest information.

Is there a right way to play?

Absolutely not! That’s the beauty of PickChamps. You can play any way you choose and there is no right or wrong strategy for winning a Contest.

In terms of Contest formats, if you’re more comfortable Picking before the day’s games, then sitting back to watch your results play out, then try out Pre-Pick. If you’re looking for a deeper level of engagement and more dynamic gameplay, then Live-Pick is for you! No matter how engaged you’d like to be, there is a PickChamps Contest for you.

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