Voided Picks

At PickChamps, we want to reward you for finding great offers and maximizing your returns. If you did the research and knew that Danny Woodhead was going to steal goal line carries from Melvin Gordon, you deserve to win the points associated with your Pick. We like seeing your hard work and intuition pay off!

A level playing field is also important to us. Therefore, we cannot reward Picks outside of the spirit of the game. If a player dresses but does not see field, is injured and ruled out, or is forced to miss the game for any other reason, your Pick will be voided and your points will be refunded.

It’s not fun for us to void a Pick, and it’s not fun for you to miss out on points. Here are a few scenarios to steer clear of to ensure that you won’t be ‘that guy.’

If your player is listed as Out for the game

Whether it’s an injury or a non-football matter, if your player is ruled out for a game, he will not accumulate stats. Therefore, your Pick will be void.

If your player dresses but does not participate in any part of the game – i.e. doesn’t play a single down

You know those pesky P’s, Q’s, and D’s next to a player’s name leading into a game? Yeah, you know. Probable. Questionable. Doubtful. Those letters drive any fantasy player mad. While a player may be not be officially ruled out, that doesn’t mean he’ll play. If he doesn’t step on the field for a play or snap, your Pick will be void.

This also applies to healthy players who do not enter the game, such as a backup QB. Jimmy Garoppolo may be generating a huge offer, but it’s because Tom Brady is expected to take all the snaps.

There is an element of risk that could pay off huge. If a player is Questionable, and you take a shot on him playing and he does, you could be in for some big returns! Just remember that if he doesn’t step on the field, your points will be refunded.

If you create a combined pick or head-to-head pick with two players, and at least one of the players does not play

Let’s take a look at a starting QB, Aaron Rodgers, and a backup QB, AJ McCarron.

If you select that Rodgers and McCarron will throw at most 2 TDs combined, and McCarron does not play, the Pick will be voided.

For a head-to-head pick, if you choose that Aaron Rodgers will have more passing yards than AJ McCarron, that pick will be voided if AJ McCarron does not play. Any athlete who plays will obviously accumulate more stats than one who does not. Let’s all just agree that we shouldn’t make a Pick like this!

An important note:

If your player does enter the game, but does not record a registered stat, the Pick will be legal. So if a WR plays, but produces no stats, such as receptions, then that Pick still counts.

Ultimately, the risk is up to you. If Andy Dalton pulls a hammy during a Thursday practice and it looks like McCarron might get some snaps on Sunday, you are entitled to put some points on him. A shrewd move like that could propel you top the top of the leaderboard. Just know that by doing so, you are taking a risk and your Pick will be voided if McCarron does not play.

To view the complete rules of the game, click here.

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