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Welcome to PickChamps, a new and more engaging way to play the Daily Fantasy Sports you love. PickChamps is built around an entirely new style of gameplay. We think you’ll love the freedom to Pick the athletes you want without worrying about salary caps or other restrictions. Simply predict athlete performances from a wide variety of stats and win cash from the best payout structures in Daily Fantasy Sports.

You’re not just sitting back and drafting athletes. You’re putting your sports knowledge to the test by actually predicting how they’ll perform in each game! Here are a few quick tips to get you playing PickChamps today:

Enter Contest

Browse the lobby and select a Contest. Choose between single-sport or multi-sport (coming soon!), as well as Pre-Pick or Live-Pick Contests. In a Pre-Pick Contest, your Picks will “lock” when the first game begins. In a Live-Pick Contest, Picks can be made throughout the duration of the Contest.  For example, you can make Picks for the 4pm games anytime before those games start, even if there are 1pm games already going on within that Contest.

PickChamps' ContestsClick on a Contest to see more information, including Contest details, who has already entered, and the prize pool structure.

Build Your Picks

Once you’ve entered a Contest the goal is to accumulate more points than your opponents. This is done by successfully predicting the statistical performance of the athlete in a given game. In order to be eligible for prize money, you will need to make 2 Picks across 2 different games. You can make more than three Picks too, of course. Additionally, there is a minimum and maximum amount of points you call allocate to each Pick. This can be found in the Contest information.

Within your chosen Contest, there are three types of Picks that can be made:

  • Single-athlete statistic Pick
  • Combined-athlete statistic Pick
  • Head-to-head Pick

Single-athlete statistic Pick: Predict the statistical performance of a single athlete by predicting whether or not an athlete will have less or more than a specific statistic.  For example, will Tom Brady pass for at least 300 yards? There are a variety of statistics to choose from depending on the sport and athlete’s position. Single Athlete Stat Pick

Combined-athlete statistic Pick: Similar to single-athlete stat Picks, but instead of guessing one athlete’s performance you combine the statistics of two athletes. Eddie Lacy and Jeremy Hill will rush for at least 200 yards combined.

Combined Stat Pick

Head-to-head Pick: Compare two athletes against each other in a single statistical category. Predict the outcome correctly to win the Pick.  For example, LeSean McCoy will have more rushing yards than Marshawn Lynch.

Head-to-head Pick

Once you’ve selected a Pick, you’ll then receive an “offer” for each Pick.  The riskier the Pick, the higher the return.  The “offer” is the fantasy points you will receive for each point you allocate to the Pick if the Pick wins.  For example, the “offer” of 2.36 for the Brady Pick would mean you will receive 2.36 fantasy points for each point you allocate to that Pick. Therefore, if you allocated 10 fantasy points to the Brady Pick and you win Pick, you would receive 23.60 points. It’s up to you to decide how safely or aggressively you’d like to play!

Track Performance

Keep track of your Picks during the Contest, and check back often to see which Picks have settled. If you’ve correctly made a Pick, your points balance will increase based on the original “offer” of your Picks. If you Picked incorrectly, you’ll lose the points you set against your Pick.

Watch & Win

Keep track of your position on the leaderboard and keep an eye on your friends by using our ‘follow’ feature. Show off your knowledge and Pick correctly, climb the leaderboard, and win real cash prizes!

It’s as simple as that! Go to www.PickChamps.com today and enter a Contest. Keep an eye out for more blog posts around weekly strategy, gameplay, types of Picks, and everything else that sets PickChamps apart from other Daily Fantasy Sports offerings.

Thanks for playing PickChamps – Daily Fantasy Sports Without Limits.

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