Live-Pick: A New Way to Play

What Makes Live-Pick Different

In your average DFS contest, all picks are locked in before the start of the first game included in the contest. That’s where live-pick contests are a different, revolutionary way to play.

While you do make picks before the contest begins in live-pick, you’re also able to continue making picks during the contest itself. The way this works is that the points that you acquire through your correct picks can be reinvested.

Thus, as soon as you earn points, you’re able to re-allocate those toward future games and picks. This means that the points you accumulate in Thursday’s game can be spent toward Sunday’s game, and so forth.

How Can I Re-Invest These Points?

Let’s say you make a pick for this Thursday night’s game: Frank Gore will rush for at least 55 yards. You get an offer of 2.0, and decide to put 10 points on it. Gore goes on to rush for over 55, and your 10 points become 20. Nice start to the week!

You now have 110 points to invest on the remaining NFL games within the same contest (if you choose to).

Now, you make more picks for the Sunday 1pm games. Let’s say you make two picks: Mark Ingram will rush for at least 1 TD, and Andy Dalton will pass for at least 2 TDs. Your knowledge pays off, and both of these guys win you the points in the first half of their respective games. Those points will be added to your point total right away. You can now use those points to make picks for the afternoon, Sunday night, or Monday night games. As long as your entry is eligible (3 picks from 3 different games), you can make picks right up until the last game in the contest.

And last but not least, live-pick also allows you to re-enter the contest even after your points balance has fallen to zero. As long as you’ve already entered the contest, you can buy back in and receive 100 points again. This allows you to start from scratch and have another shot at winning the contest.

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