Multi-Sport is HERE!

One of the features that sets PickChamps apart from other DFS games is that we offer multisport contests. Increasingly, we’ll be adding contests that include games from more than one sport. We’re going to kick things off with a multisport contest for this Thursday’s NFL and NBA games:

  • NFL: Dolphins vs Patriots
  • NBA: Grizzlies vs Pacers, Hawks vs Knicks, Mavericks vs Clippers

That means within the same contest, you can make fantasy prop picks on stats for Tom Brady, Carmelo Anthony, Lamar Miller, Chris Paul, Rob Gronkowski, and more!

Multi-sport contests will be a lot of fun for hardcore sports fans. We know that many of our players are well-versed across the entire sports landscape, and here’s a chance to show your range of knowledge!

Keep in mind that that you’ll still need to make three picks from three different games. If you’d like, you can make all three picks from one sport, or mix them up across sports. All that matters is that your entry is eligible by satisfying the three-pick minimum.

While Thursday may be your first taste of multi-sport, it will help you gear up for our HUGE Live-Pick on Sunday that will consist of 12 NFL games and 7 NBA games – 19 games total, all in one contest! With five NBA games starting after 6pm, plus Sunday Night Football, you’ll be able to re-invest your points from the early NFL and NBA games into the later games. Remember that your point total is essentially a rolling balance. Continuing to make picks will give you the best shot to climb the leaderboard and win cash.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new dimension to daily fantasy sports. It’s going to be a blast. Come along for the ride!

4 years ago
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