NFL Week 10 Recap

Another week of Freerolls, another week of easy money at PickChamps. While Adrian Peterson continued to add onto a stellar comeback season with a 203 yard rushing performance, PickChamps awarded $350 in free contests. One of these involved yet another $100 NFL & NBA Freeroll, a one-of-a-kind Multi-Sport DFS experience that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

User Redpossom was one of the top finishers in our Mutli-Sport Freeroll, making huge picks that paid off big. A stumbling Alshon Jeffery, whom finished with just 3 receptions for 23 yards, paid this user 122 points for predicting it. Additionally, Redpossom took the hot hand in predicting Mike Evans to finish with 6 or more receptions, adding to his point total despite a modest offer of 2.67.

User Mariners121212 looked like the poster-child for Multi-Sport contests, making 5 picks ranging between the NFL and NBA and winning them all. While Mariners121212 did not make any picks with an offer above 2.67 points. Predicting both Rob Gronkowski and LeGarrette Blount to find the end zone were safer picks, but worked just fine to his advantage. Over on the court side, Andrew Wiggins finishing with under 3 assists returned this user a 30.4 pts payout. While risk-takers are often rewarded heavily on PickChamps, Mariners121212 showed how you can use safe picks to finish in the money.

Week 11 is sure to be another exciting one in the NFL, and there’s an abundance of intriguing NBA matchups as well. PickChamps will be back at it again, awarding another $225 in Freerolls. Be sure to check back all week for easy cash.

4 years ago
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