NFL Week 9 Recap

What a week it was for both the NFL and at PickChamps! While Antonio Brown was busy going off for a gargantuan 284 receiving yards, our site was awarding $500 through its exciting Freerolls. While truly no one “lost” these contests (because they were free!), there were plenty of notable winners across the board.

User btyler182 was one of the top performers in this week’s Multi-Sport $250 NFL & NBA Freeroll, making NBA picks look like layups (pun intended). Btyler182 put 25 points on a 4.08 point offer for Tristan Thompson scoring 10 or more points on Sunday. This returned him 102 points, sky-rocketing him up the leaderboards and right into the money.

User fountaro also finished in the top 25 of this week’s Multi-Sport $250 NFL & NBA Freeroll, but went a different route to get there. While some users placed picks on the NBA, fountaro went exclusively NFL. This user put a lot on the line, putting 25 points toward Jordan Matthews finding the end zone at least once, which paid him out 119 points. How gutsy was that? Pretty bold, considering Matthews had scored just one touchdown in the first 7 games of the season.

For the most part, big risks sent users to the top of the leaderboards in the Freeroll contests. But, it was cool to see entrants predicting stats in both the NBA and NFL in the same contest. That’s what Multi-Sport is all about, a unique experience that you won’t find at any other DFS site.

The best part about last week is – we’re doing it again! We’ll be awarding another $500 through Freerolls this week, just a portion of the fun and innovative contests available to play at PickChamps. Don’t miss out on some fun contests and easy money!

4 years ago
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